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August 19, 2004

Go West, Young Man

Six Apart

Here we go. Catch-up time:

  • I quit my job.
  • I’m joining Six Apart.
  • Oh, and we’re moving to San Francisco.

I’ll be working at the hippest joint in the bay area (I’m sure there is a ranking for that somewhere, but I don’t have to look).

I’ll be joining the company as a software engineer, working on Movable Type. In particular, I’ll be working on the new PHP dynamic rendering option (available in the upcoming 3.1 release). And I’ll be joining an incredible team.

I’m excited about the future of Movable Type and Six Apart. They’ve grown so much in the last year and I’m happy as a clam to get a ticket to ride.

And this should free up my evenings a bit, since my hobby industry will now be my day job!

This is the first job I’ve taken that came with a public announcement. Told you they were hip.

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