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January 25, 2004

The Nintendo BS

Nintendo BS

(One of the reader submissions at IGN.)

Seriously, I don’t know how Nintendo is going to pull off a dual screen handheld.

October 19, 2002

Half-Life / Counterstrike

Business 2.0 - Magazine Article - Game Development à la Mod: “We’ve actually sold more of the overall Half-Life family of products each year since we shipped back in 1998, which is very unusual in a market typified by three-month shelf lives,” Newell says. Half-Life was a great game, but what has kept it going is the community that sprung up around the mods (add-ons) that are out there. I’m still waiting for Team Fortress II. Will that ever see the light of day?

September 18, 2002


Here's a great example of orphaned software getting a new lease on life. Ambrosia Software created a great little shoot-em-up, Asteroids clone called Maelstrom. It was a little game for the Mac that I played circa 1993. At the time it was a sight to behold-- beautifully pre-rendered 3D sprites, taking fullscreen advantage of those big, 12-inch color Macintosh screens (gasp!). Well, the company doesn't maintain it any more, but they did the gracious act of GPL'ing the source code. That means that anyone can then take it and do what they'd like with it (as long as released derivatives of it also include the source code).

When Ambrosia stopped working on Maelstrom (which was Feburary 15, 1996 according to the FAQ), it was on version 1.4.3, and it only ran on a Macintosh. Today, (thanks to the efforts of Sam Lantinga and others) you can download Maelstrom 3.0 for MacOS Classic, MacOS X (as a native Carbon app), BeOS, Windows (95 up through XP supported) and Linux no less. Plus there are additional sprite and sound packs available. It even has multiplayer support.

Kudos to Ambrosia Software for loving Maelstrom enough to set it free.

September 13, 2002

UT 2003 Demo!

The Unreal® Tournament 2003 demo is out! 100 MB download. Those hi-res textures really add up!

August 2, 2002

Way too many games

Ok, my games index is now live. It's a fairly complete list, although I know there are a bunch of DOS games that aren't on there just because I don't have them with me anymore (they're at home with Mom and Dad collecting dust). Anyway have a peek. If you're geographically nearby let me know if you'd like to borrow something. (While I'm at it, I might as well make this a Movable Type tip-- click the 'more' link for the goods.)

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July 3, 2002

WarCraft III

Hmm-- should I spend my holiday weekend playing with the newly released JBuilder 7 Personal Edition or Blizzard's new epic WarCraft III, Reign of Chaos?

Tough call.

The collector's edition box is nice and heavy.

4 races to play with. A built-in map editor (which can even be used to create entire campaigns). More than 3 years in the making. And it shows!

May 29, 2002

Is there a doctor... uh, nevermind.

GameSpot: PC Reviews: Crisis Team: Ambulance Driver Review "Ambulance Driver is a horrible mistake of a game that should never have been made." Great review of a bad game. Lowest rating I think I've ever seen on GameSpot.

May 20, 2002

Xbox Economics 101

Xbox Economics-- a great take on the financial outlook of Microsoft's game console venture. This makes it crystal clear that their online gaming plans are going to include a monthly fee-- probably $10 a month. By the way-- the Nintendo GameCube dropped to $149 today just to further infuriate Sony and Microsoft.

Update: Here's some info about the online service they'll be rolling out later this year or early next.

May 15, 2002

Xbox Dropped

Microsoft trims Xbox price -

The Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube are all now $199. The Xbox is probably the biggest value in terms of pure hardware. Microsoft is losing money on every sale, but are making it back in game sales. That was already the case when it was selling at $299-- now that they're only getting $199, it hurts that much more. According to the article, Sony has reached their break-even point with selling the PS2 hardware, so the price drop isn't a problem for them. Nintendo is going to stand firm for a while, but I expect they'll drop another $30-$50 by the holidays.

By the way-- you can thank me for this-- I bought an Xbox just over a week ago (Spider-Man made me do it).

May 1, 2002

PlayStation 3

The news will put an icy chill in the heart of every parent with school-age children. Sony, the Japanese entertainment titan striving for total domination of the video games market, is understood to be in advanced stages of developing PlayStation 3. - Independent News

Note to self: start saving.



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