Catching up

So I should probably give a bit of a recap to bridge the gap I’ve created from not posting here for a few years. Since then, the most notable change for me has been my work situation. It’s changed, but it hasn’t. Six Apart San Francisco merged with Videoegg to form Say Media. I transitioned to Say when that happened. Before that, I had already stepped back about a year or so prior from active work on Movable Type. MT lives on, under the care of Six Apart as it exists today in Japan, where it is in good hands.

Here at Say, I’ve had opportunity to work on a wide variety of products and services with Python/Django, NodeJS, Objective-C and yes, Perl too. We’re developing modern publishing tools as well as ad delivery tools (for web publishing, these go hand in hand). Say also owns a number of sites, like ReadWrite, SplatF, Remodelista and The Kitchn. One of my colleagues wrote about what we’re up to in terms of our direction and focus and sums it up nicely. And we’re hiring — if you’re interested, drop me a line.

And personally, while I’ve been away from my blog, I have been posting semi-frequently on Twitter, and on Please. Fix. That. where I rant about broken things I come across.

Other than that, the wife and kids are doing fine. We’re enjoying our 9th year in California. We own a house as of a couple of years ago and we have two parakeets.

There, you’re all caught up.


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