Picking up the pieces

I’ve had a long hiatus from the blog. I regret getting away from long-form writing and feel the need to return to it. But I had to do something with my home page. I’ve decided to use Flavors.me to give the site a fresh coat of paint. Of course, handing over your domain to a third-party is not really a long-term solution, but I’m fine with this for now.

The unfortunate side effect of using Flavors is that they don’t really have any sort of redirection policy for 404s, except that they just forward back to the top of the domain. Naturally, this breaks every permalink I’ve ever published. I regret that and hope to rectify it in some way. For now, the solution is a bit manual: replace “www” with “blog” if you want to find anything published on the old site. (Update: mod_proxy to the rescue.)

So, here’s to 2013 and doing something.


This article was published on April 25, 2013 7:54 AM.

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