Introducing Unicons

Unicons is a little project I put together today, making it easier to insert some of those little Unicode symbols (like ☃ or ☺ or ✌) into web text fields. You know, the text fields you see on comment forms or Twitter.

The project is hosted at Github and feedback is welcome!


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Matt said:

While originally disappointed to find I was not, as my blurry eyes had perceived, being introduced to unicorns, this is still neat. ☺✔

jay-dubya said:

Where do I insert this code in MT3??

Brad Author Profile Page said:

To embed this functionality for your web pages, just add the script and link tags described on the Unicons page linked above to the "head" section of your HTML published by MT.

Jay Allen Author Profile Page said:

Very cool and quite elegant. Nicely done Brad!

Speaking of which, have you seen Jesse's SymbolAssist? It also looks quite nice:


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