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Did you know you can assign a keyboard shortcut that invokes any browser bookmark you’ve created? For example, I have a bookmarklet for sharing a link on I’d like to run that bookmarklet on the active page using Ctrl+Cmd+F. To do this, I can create a keyboard menu shortcut for OS X:

Friend Feed Shortcut

Creating the shortcut is easy: open your System Preferences and go to the “Keyboard & Mouse” preferences, then click on the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab. Click the “+” button below the shortcut listing. Set the shortcut to apply to “Safari” (or “Firefox”) in the Application list, then type in the name of your bookmark (exactly as it is labelled in your bookmarks), and set a keyboard shortcut.

After you do this, you may have to restart your browser to try it out. I’ve also noticed that these shortcuts are not always recognized right away, due to the way the menu options for bookmarks are lazily loading until it is needed (Safari and Firefox both behave this way). Just click on the “Bookmarks” menu option if your shortcut isn’t already working; you only need to do that once after the browser has loaded.

I love this tip because it makes bookmarklets so much easier to invoke, and it doesn’t involve using any weird third-party software hacks to do it.


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themexican Author Profile Page said:

Sorry to bug you in your comments (couldn't find an email), but does MTEmbedImage work on MT4? I've been using it for years! Am weighing MT4 upgrade headaches....

Brad Author Profile Page said:

@themexican: I think it still does, but you should explore the new Asset tags in MT 4 -- in most cases, you can use those instead of the old EmbedImage plugin.

Steph Author Profile Page said:

Hi Brad,

I'm having a problem with older entries on my MT blog (circa 2004) that are formatted with textile 1. Google searches show some of your older entries but they don't allow new comments (that's why I'm posting here).

Apparently, something about that plugin has been lost along the route of upgrades. Older entries that used it are now devoid of permalinks (apparently), so I can find them in a blog search, but can't get their individual URL in order to create new links to them - which is what I need to be able to do.

I'll appreciate any help you can provide.


Brad said:

This is so genius! Awesome for the post to delicious bookmarklet and others!

I added this to my keyboard shortcuts and it worked right away - did not have to restart Safari

Uğur Özyılmazel said:

woow! thanks, i didn't know that...


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