Netflix adds insult to injury has this option to watch a selection of their movies through your browser. Assuming your browser is running on Windows, as they require Windows Media DRM to play it.

But their promotional graphic (pictured here) shows it running on a black MacBook (Update: apparently, I’m jumping to conclusions — see comments below).

Watch movies instantly on your MacBook

They doctored the thing of course, placing a still frame over the display, covering the portion that has the built-in camera and all evidence of the ‘MacBook’ imprinted at the bottom of the display. But you can make out the key layout, the size of the trackpad, and even the infrared receiver on the front-right side. It’s definitely a MacBook.

Now, it’s not impossible to get those videos on a MacBook. You can do it if you’re running Windows under Parallels or VM Fusion. Performance is fine, even at full resolution. But I seriously doubt they expect their average customer to do that!


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ktheory Author Profile Page said:

Or Bootcamp... Mac notebooks do run Windows fastest rather well.

jeremy said:

Actually, I created that graphic (I design for Netflix), and I have to run the service on my Macbook Pro via Parallels. That is not a Macbook in the image though... notice the lack of rounded edge on the underside of the case.

I used generic laptop wireframe rendered and shaded in a 3D app.

Lack of Mac support is not due to technical reasons... it's strictly the studios refusal to license any content not protected buy MS DRM. Netflix has been fighting that setback for a long time, and continues to do so.

Brad Author Profile Page said:

Thanks for the insight, Jeremy! But if that isn't a MacBook graphic, it is incredibly close. One of the things that I didn't mention is that you can make out what looks to be an inset part in front of the trackpad, where you lift the lid of the magnetic closure they use on the MacBook. But it is a fairly low-res graphic, so you had me going there.

I have read that Netflix is fighting for wider distribution rights, and I can see how that is frustrating. And especially if you believe the rumors that Apple is getting close to launch a video rental service of their own. But if they do, hopefully that will help your arguments. I've been a Netflix user for years, so I'm rooting for you guys.


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