Are you sure?

The new empty trash confirmation dialog in Leopard.

But… I’m using Time Machine. There is an undo! This seems contradictory.

Also, the window grab action includes the huge drop shadow Leopard puts on focused windows. Is that necessary?


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Also "Okay" isn't an answer to the question "Are you sure....?" It's the answer to the statement "Mac OS X is about to..."

Pete Author Profile Page said:

I like that it saves the drop shadow, as this always looks good... but does it also give you a transparent or white background, or do you still need to arrange that yourself?

Brad Author Profile Page said:

@Pete: Yep-- the image it saves has an alpha layer, so it will work against any background.

shinybox said:

Anyone know of a way to make this dialog stop appearing? I'm quite sure when I empty my trash that I want to empty my trash ...

Brad Author Profile Page said:

@shinybox: Yes, there's a preference for that in the Finder preferences on the "Advanced" tab.

Simone Medas said:

My Time Machine is disabled :)


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