Mac OS X Leopard menu bar loses its rounded corners

Just wondering how long it will take for someone to restore the rounded edges that have always been on the Mac menu bar.

From Tiger:

From Leopard:

Update: Not long.


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Jesper said:

"Its". ;)

The rounded corners missing is the least of the menu bar's worries. Although even the iPhone's status bar has two pixels in the top left/right corners as an homage.

Alex said:

So if you'd rather still have rounded corners, have a look at Displaperture, the little tool that lets you retain your beloved rounded screen corners. You can even determine those corners' radii, and you can pick the corners you want rounded — including the bottom ones.

www dot manytricks dot com slash blog slash ?id=19

KJ said:

This was one of the first things I noticed after upgrading. I'm glad they got rid of the rounded corners.


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