Probably not what Vonage was expecting to recommend...

I suspect Vonage doesn’t want to recommend existing customers to switch to a cheaper plan, but hey, you save $117 a year if you do!


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Chad Everett Author Profile Page said:

Not saying that doesn't suggest that - but who is paying $29 for Vonage, and where does the $19 figure come from?

I don't think they even offer such plans at this time, or have anytime in the recent past. The most expensive residential plan at the moment is $25. To be fair, the 500 minute plan is $15, so you'd still save $10/month.

And if you save exactly $10 per month ($24.99 - $14.99, I was just rounding, as I suspect they are), why aren't you saving $120 per year, not "up to $117"?

It's just interesting, that's all - a money manger ought to get at least that one right. :)

Brad Author Profile Page said:

Well, I think Mint is reporting the actual billed amount here. After taxes are applied, my $25 plan comes to $28.58, so they're obviously rounding up to the dollar. As for the $117 figure, I'm not sure how they arrive at that.

Milan said:

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