Exposé key assignment choices

The Exposé preferences dialog has some odd choices for key assignments.

Exposé Key Preferences


  • Why are ‘fn’, ‘Right/Left Shift/Control/Option/Command’ choices for these commands? Seriously, who maps these to a shift key?
  • Why are they not choices for the Dashboard command?
  • Why can’t I assign ‘fn+F3’? When I hold other modifier keys, the function keys become prefixed with that modifier, but not for the ‘fn’ modifier.

I just bought an Aluminum wireless keyboard and it’s great, but where it natively supports ‘fn+F3’ for “Show All Windows”, I have no way to do that for my MacBook keyboard (where fn+F3 mutes the speaker— that command is mapped to fn+F10 on the Aluminum keyboard).

And while I’m discussing the new wireless keyboard, I should also mention that it really strikes me as odd that they don’t have a Num-lock built into it as it exists on the MacBook keyboard. And my ultimate wireless keyboard would have a built-in trackpad or other kind of pointing device (“Mouse keys” doesn’t really cut it).


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I think it's because you're supposed to get it with one-touch access. And I never, ever, ever use my right shift key. Ever. It's still in factory condition, even after two years of use.

Same can be said for my right option and control keys.

Brad Author Profile Page said:

@John Stansbury: Never, ever, ever? Not even when your left hand is occupied and you're trying to use only your right hand to print (Cmd+P) or something? So do you or will you map your right Shift key to one of those commands?

Oops, meant to reply to this a lot earlier.

I learned how to type on an ancient PC laptop with...no right shift key or alt key. Massive 12" screen, too. That carried on with my new Mac keyboard, and is how I do stuff today. For fun, I just took the command and option keys off, just to see if I'd even notice. Shift key, too.

So far, don't miss them a bit. But I would never map something to those keys, since the only time I hit them now is when I miss the key I meant to hit or press it in error. That's part of the reason behind the magical delayed-caps lock key.


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