MT hack-a-thon day at Six Apart, Japan

Today I’ve been participating in the Movable Type hack-a-thon hosted by our Six Apart office in Japan. And I’ve been updating some of my older Movable Type plugins for 4.0 compatibility. Hey— did you know we released MT 4.0? They even made a cool t-shirt for the event— one that won’t make sense to a lot of folk, but I certainly appreciate it (and the irony is that my work today eliminates the ‘extlib/bradchoate’ installation path for these plugins).

T-Shirt for SixApart Japan hack-a-thon attendees Anyway, I made a list of some of the plugins that are obsoleted by MT 4 or previous versions since joining Six Apart. Each of the following plugins have most if not all of their functionality built into Movable Type itself:

  • MT-Authors (exceptions: AuthorBlogCount, AuthorEntryCount, AuthorPublicKey)
  • Supplemental Category Tags
  • IfEmpty (use the new ‘if’/’unless’ tags instead)
  • Regex (exceptions: many arcane uses; the important stuff is supported)
  • Textile (bundled)
  • EmbedImage (replaced by asset framework and assetthumbnail tag)

And some other plugins I have written are now re-released for MT 4:

The SQL and PerlScript plugins were also improved upon. The SQL plugin now allows you to connect to additional databases (even running on different servers) for issuing queries against them. Pretty nice if you need to pull content into your blog from other sources.

PerlScript now uses the Perl ‘Safe’ module to run in a protected compartment. This can be customized (and even disabled), but it is a good default to use for such a plugin.


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Stefan said:

Would SQL work with Dynamic Publishing (because I've been trying to get it to work, and I don't think it does or I'm doing something horribly wrong :))?

nlog(n) Author Profile Page said:

Thank you very much for your great effort to release the updated plugins for MT4. I can start upgrading my blog.
I am the man who questioned whether the OnThisDay and PerlScript plugins would be compatible for MT4 at the developers conference on the day before the hack-a-thon in Japan. Thanks again. - Daisuke

Brad Author Profile Page said:

@Stefan: The SQL plugin doesn't support dynamic publishing, but you can use the global '$mt' variable to get at the ezSQL database object ($mt->db) and do your queries from that. Not as tag oriented, but works.

@nlog(n): Glad I could help!

bibliotecaria said:

You don't have permission to access [an image html] on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Why would I be getting this when I try to see the images of a blog that I used to be able to see? I believe the change happened around the time of the MT 4 upgrade. (if you want to see the blog, it's the Keyboard Biologist blog)

jadespacy said:


Is there any chance that processing MT template tags in MT fields will work with PHP/dynamic publishing in the future? I'm not sure if that would be considered an upgrade of a plugin or not…


raul said:

Are there any good examples of the various things one can do with assetthumbnail. I use MT Embed Image on a number of blogs and it's one of the things keeping me in 3.2... assetthumbnail seems to be very lightly documented. Would love to see some examples...

chadm said:

hey brad,

you gotta post more:) looks like i could learn a bunch from your tech knowledge. I like the t-shirt. when i left my last job, coworkers gave me a t-shirt that said "delete from genesis where employee=chad" (genesis was the company name). another funny thing for techy humor thata guy showed me at work the other day - check out "jon skeet facts" at stackoverflow - they worship the SO god with comments like "when jon skeet points at null, null quakes with fear"


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