Number Fifteen

I must pause a moment from this Movable Type 4 busyness to say that, as of today, Georgia and I have been married for 15 years. No, we’re not that old, we just married young.

In that time, we have produced three little Choate-lings, lived in 4 states (which border 3 coasts), bought and sold 2 houses, and held (between us!) 16 jobs.

Never a dull moment. I can honestly say the honeymoon hasn’t ended. Looking forward to the next 15.


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Georgia Choate said:

Hey, your post was much more touching than mine, and you've kept much better count.

See you in a few hours! :)

erinther said:

16 jobs! wow..
happy anniversary. Author Profile Page said:

Happy Anniversary! 15! Amazing...

Happy Anniversary! I heard about your anniversary and thought, did they get married when they were children? You guys must have been soooo young when you got married! I wish you and Georgia many more years filled with happiness, prosperity, faith, and good health!

neil said:

congrats! always impressive to hear in todays age!

Adriaan said:

Congratulations, marriage sure is bliss!


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