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I’m working at home today and using a widescreen TV/LCD as my second monitor. Even though it isn’t meant to be turned on it’s side, but I noticed my Mac will let me rotate the display for it. So I have a 960-wide and 1280-high display. Perfect for coding, email, web site reading, etc.

In other news, I hope to get a much better camera phone when my renewal comes up in June (no, not an iPhone).


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rafa1215 Author Profile Page said:

Hi Brad,

I found you while doing a search for Bart wifi rail. I saw your wifi rail page. I signed onto the service and now I'm just waiting for the confirmation email. Have you used the service so far? How was it?

Anyways I see that you have a flikr account and so do I. We can chat via yahoo chat - my chat name is


Brad Author Profile Page said:

@rafa1215: Yes, I did use it a time or two. It seems to work well enough as long as you are in a station, but so far service is only available in a few stations. And right now, service doesn't seem to work when travelling inbetween stations. And it looks like it will be a subscription service, so once the trial period is over, you'll have to pay for it. I'm not sure $30 a month / $300 a year is worth it.

Robin Reed said:

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Georgia Choate said:

New cell phones in June? That's not gonna be our anniversary present, is it? :(

~the mrs. Author Profile Page said:

By the way, Yuji and I talked about your black Mac Book last week. Looks cool! But I'll wait for Leopard...


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