Rice Krispies

Can someone explain why regular Rice Krispies snap-crackle-pop much louder than the ‘organic’ branded Rice Krispies?


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Don Daugherty said:

Rice Krispies. There, now I am on topic. I am responding to this entry as I don't see any other way to contact you. Feel free to delete it once you get my email.

I knew a Brad Choate once. He was known as a codeman in a land known as #Delphi. I bought a Mac Pro recently and my web surfing was dominated by searches for anything regarding OS X. I stumbled upon this blog and thought to myself, "Hey, I know that guy!".

HI BRAD! Long time no see. What have you been up to? Glad to see you are doing well. Cheers! Drop me a note if you are inclined.

Don (aka BigD).

Andrew said:




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