Internet advertising is voodoo to me

Internet advertising is truly puzzling to me.

I’m looking over my AdSense reports and well, it’s a little disheartening. I don’t blame you guys… it’s more my fault that I haven’t been posting to my site very regularly. But… when someone does click on an ad, it’s like… magic happens.

Magic? Yes— money trickles into my AdSense account. It’s the strangest thing. I don’t know where the money comes from. Well, I know it comes from advertisers of course, but I don’t know who to be exact. The AdSense reports don’t reveal that much detail. I don’t even know which ad was clicked on. I don’t know who clicked on the ad, either. All I know is that every click, some amount is deposited.

So, magic— someone out there clicks on an ad of some kind— they are taken to a site about something and some seemingly random amount (carefully selected by Google of course, based on the value of the ad) is deposited to my AdSense account. My web site is simply the meeting ground for a transaction that I have no visibility to.

And, it occurs to me that the transaction takes nothing from the person that did the clicking. Perhaps a second of time, a few bytes of bandwidth.

While we’re on the subject, here’s another thought… what would happen if Google decided to give slightly higher PageRank scores for web sites that carried Google AdSense ads? Thereby giving those sites more traffic as a result, over sites that didn’t carry Google ads. What’s to stop them from doing that? Perhaps it may not be ethical, but is it illegal? Would it not greatly increase the effectiveness of their advertising? If it were slight enough, and random enough, would anyone even notice?

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Malcolm Lambe said:

Yeah but how much do you make off Adsense? It's worth less than $10 a month to me and I get 800 unique visitors a day.

beatyourprice said:

Go with banner Ads will make you more money.

Jeb said:

I watched my adsense $ trickle in over 2 years off my family blog and finally got to the first $100 level. (I'm not really interested in promoting my family blog beyond friends and fam.) Google sent me a check. That's all I really wanted... a check from Google. I scanned it in and deposited it. The scan is worth more than the $100 because I get to ask the question... "Has Google ever sent you a check?" This tends to amaze my non-geek friends adding to my personal brand.

Meanwhile, my brother, the civil engineer, writes blogs that geeks like, especially about iPod batteries and remote controls. He gets $100 checks every other month. In fact, he shut it off this year so he wouldn't make over $600 and pay taxes on it. Now that's government worker thinking...


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