Why You Should Buy iTunes Shows and Movies

I thought I would share some of my thoughts about the iTunes Music Store. The store now sells movies— something that everyone has been waiting for Apple to do. So, here are some reasons for embracing all that is iTunes.

  1. It’s awfully convenient.

    The iTunes Store makes it incredibly easy to find and download music, TV shows, Movies and podcasts. It’s a reliable service, and offers a good selection of content. There are few services quite like the iTunes Store, and it stands well above them. The only thing that the iTunes Store doesn’t offer is a music subscription service (where you can listen to all the music you want for a monthly fee), but I feel this is more due to limitations in Apple’s FairPlay DRM technology than anything else.

  2. Total lack of commercials.

    I really appreciate that the video content you get when purchasing movies and TV shows is devoid of any commercial advertisements. I’ve often thought that this may change— Apple may offer customers the option of buying cheaper content if it includes commercials, but I suspect that wouldn’t be as popular in the end.

  3. Next day service.

    TV shows that are carried on the iTunes Store have new episodes posted very soon after airing on television. This is pretty nice for those (such as myself) that are without a traditional (cable/satellite) TV provider. Instead of having to wait for a DVD release some day, you can get the shows within 24-48 hours of it airing on TV.

  4. On demand, instant gratification.

    Find something, buy it, download it, watch it. If you’ve bought a season pass of something, new shows automatically download automatically as they’re available.

  5. Affordable.

    Shows for $1.99. That’s pretty cheap. The quality is much better now that they’ve bumped the resolution to 640 pixels wide. The movies are reasonably priced also (but you do give up some of those DVD features).

  6. You can take it with you.

    Video on your iPod. You’re golden. You can even playback shows from the iPod Video to a TV.

  7. DRM yes, but more flexible than Windows Media DRM.

    I say this because while Windows Media DRM is usable on Windows and a number of third party devices, it is NOT Mac-compatible. FairPlay on the other hand, works on Mac and PC (and iPods of course).

    Naturally, it does not work on any non-iPod music or video players, that would just be silly.

So there you have it. I couldn’t think of 10— I guess that would have made a better title for this post. If you can think of another 3, comment below.


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Scott said:

I'd love to try it, but it's not available outside the US. That's a show-stopper for most of us.

TjL said:

8) (related to 7) *Someone* is going to offer movie downloads. Apple has shown a willingness to go to bat for customers for fair prices and reasonable terms. If the Apple store fails, the next offering will be Windows only and have incredibly restrictive DRM.

9) (related to 8) The more people who buy from them, the more studios will be willing to stand up to Wal-Mart and go with Apple (note that it is unlikely that Apple would be able to get an exclusive contract, so Wal-Mart would still be able to make an offering, but its terms would be balanced against what Apple offers. If Apple fails, the next juggernaut will have no check/balance. (*)

10) The movie/TV studios just don't get it, from the days of the VCR to Tha Interweb. Apple has pulled them along this far (at least Disney). If you ever want to be able to download stuff legally, this is your chance.

(*) http://www.nypost.com/business/retail_iation_business_tim_arango.htm

gm said:

I'd love to buy movies and tv shows from itms, but alas us views up here in Canada are low on the list. I can't understand why it's so hard since we get the networks up here and the movies always open at the same time.

Stuart said:

1, Sure, it is if it's available in your country.

2, Nothing new, kinda used to the BBC.

3, They all end up airing again on some random cable channel.

4, Some people have no patience

5, Sounds expensive to me

6, Like I own a video iPod

7, Evil Evil DRM

I think this covers the pros and cons ; )

John Emperor said:

You know, I really would like to buy from ITunes, if for no other reason than the convenience of it all rather than having to waste hours downloading pirated episodes then re-encoding them to an ipod. However, Apple in their almighty fuc*ing wisdom, chose to only make downloads of tv shows, movies and for that matter, anything else of tangible value available only to those 350M privileged enough to live in the US. For the rest of us 6 billion scum, better luck next time.

You know, I really want to do the right thing, but when the company that owns the content makes me jump through hoops to TRY and buy it; pirating becomes easier and what's more, it's "free". And execs wonder why pirating's so prevalent. How about appealing to the majority instead of those of us who happen to be american for once, hmmm?

Mannon said:

Anyone know of a way to access the U.S. iTunes store, without being a us citizen? :)

Bob said:

"those 350M privileged enough to live in the US"

Surely the availability is a consolation for those unfortunate enough to live in the us!

unknown said:

iTunes is also available in other countries. Australia can get the movies etc I haven't done the research but im sure its available in other countries too.


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