Worst Toenail Ad Ever

This has got to be the worst ad I’ve seen in some time.

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Worst toenail ad ever

The moment I see it, I want to leave the web site. Or close the browser. Or shutdown my computer.

I mean seriously, who wants to see that?


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gabe said:

yes! is it animated?

when did seeing fungus growing on animated toenails become acceptable to see on websites?

there are very few things I think are grosser than funky toenails, them being animated does not make it any better. who decieded this was good idea?


Brad Author Profile Page said:

Yes, it is in fact, animated. That is, it shows the gradual worsening of the onset of a fungus.


Debbie said:

Ewww! It's definitely gross. And I'm about to take my food in 10 minutes.

macgeek Author Profile Page said:

Beats the pants off that "Digger" commercial on the TV, where he LIFTS UP THE TOENAIL and crawls underneath. If I even catch a glimpse of the ad, I get all skeeved out for the next hour. Just thinking about it makes me.... UGH!


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