Longest Reboot Ever

Well, the design only took a couple of days actually.

Banner background came from the fine folks at stock.xchng.

Traffic sign graphics courtesy of trafficsigns.us:

  • The “Scenic Area” sign was a perfect match for the Flickr module.
  • A generic exit sign was good for the sideblog links.
  • The “merging lanes” sign was appropriate for the category list (narrowing your view of the content here).
  • And of course the historic highway sign for the monthly archive list.

I can sleep in peace now.


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Simon Cox Author Profile Page said:

Wow! Much more trendy and modern! However I think you may have missed out as the retro geek 1995 look is sure to come back in fashion very soon!

Lilia Ahner Author Profile Page said:

Brad, you truly outdid yourself with this new design! I love it!

joshua wachs said:

Looks great. And I'm jealous.

Nick Author Profile Page said:

Love the new look!


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