Reboot in progress

I'm reorganizing the ol' weblog design, structure and such. So don't be surprised if you find a few 404s here and there for the time being.


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Lacy said:

I'm rebooting my site right now too -- and I posted an entry with the exact same title as yours about the reboot. Bizarre! I hadn't visited here in a while - and this morning was going through my blogroll and saw "Reboot in Progress". Not sure why I felt the need to comment this. LOL Oh well ;) It's nice to reboot every once in a while -- especially after an ungrade to 3.2 (which rocks!!!!!)

Brad help I'm an idiot. Newbie to MT, installed 3.2 on an IIS system which works great, except the blog is at Now I want it to be just, but can't get a straight answer about how to set permission, because MT seems to suggest setting full-control type permissions for the anonymous user at whatever folder the blog is at (was /bloga). I'm concerned about allowing those permissions at my website root, but that seems to be the requirement.

Obviously, you and countless others have made it work. But how?

BTW, you're an MT hero, thanks for various articles that got my site working.

x74org said:

Hey Brad, noticed you're revamping your site-- thought you might be interested in a plugin I made. It's a plugin to insert an eMiniMall into your MT templates. Here's the URL:



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