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I'm pleased as punch to also say Movable Type 3.2 is now available. Whew. Where to start?

The upgrade process is brand new. MT now has an extremely straight-forward upgrade process. If you've ever been bitten by the "I ran the mt-upgradeY.cgi script before the mt-upgradeX.cgi script!" problem, have no fear. MT 3.2 knows where you're upgrading from and does it with style. Installing and upgrading MT has never been easier.

The new entry basename field lets you name your permalink the way you want it. I've been wanting this since MT 1.0 and finally, the field is on the compose screen. (If you're using MT 3.2 and you don't see this field, you may need to customize your entry edit screen preferences to enable it.)

SpamLookup is right there in the package. I'm very happy to say that MT now ships with spam protection enabled out of the box. Along with the new scoring framework and the wonderful "Junk" folder, MT now provides a home for all that garbage looking to be published on your weblog. Since the settings for SpamLookup are so user-configurable, I'm hoping that it provides a sufficiently difficult target for spammers to hit. With enough of us blocking this stuff, weblog spamming may prove to be more trouble than it's worth.

The new templates. Much simpler. Better structure. In fact, the same HTML markup structure is used on TypePad. And you can choose the same markup structure for LiveJournal. The result? All three products can use the same set of stylesheets. That means that all those styles available to TypePad users can now be used with Movable Type. And here they are. I plan to reboot my site in short order to make use of all of that. And MT 3.2 includes a little plugin to let you switch to the new default templates, making a backup of your existing templates in the process.

Access keys. I love using the keyboard instead of a mouse whenever I can. So we sprinkled access key shortcuts throughout the buttons in Movable Type to make those common buttons easier to press.

API improvements. Making it easier for plugins to load and find their templates; providing a way to configure plugins from within MT itself; letting plugins register actions to execute against lists of things.

Oh-- the UI enhancements. Access keys were one thing, but the listings in 3.2 are sweet. Selecting a range of rows using "click" and "shift click". Row selection by clicking any part of the row (other than a hyperlink of course). Inverse selecting the table by shift-clicking the top-most "select all" checkbox. The multiple category selection panel that allows you to assign multiple categories, even for new entries. Color mini icons. Context-search control. Sensible list filtering interface. The tabbed interface for the entry edit screen.

System overview! Being able to view all of your entries, comments, weblogs, etc. This was sort of introduced with SpamLookup, but now it's for everything.

Plugins! The plugin listing screen rocks. You can even see those good ol' plugins I wrote in 2002 now. You can see what tags are provided by them. You can see which are broken. You can disable them one by one. You can enable them one by one. You can turn them all off. You can turn them all on. You're in control. Well, if you're the system administrator that is.

Built for 3.2. A number of old plugins and new plugins are coming out for the 3.2 party. Media Manager, StatWatch, MT-Upcoming, MT-Notifier, Builderoo and a number of plugins that are underway from Arvind at Movalog. MT development is really hopping with this release and I'm very happy to see that.

The 3.2 Beta. The beta for this release was open to the public and this release really benefitted from that. We had excellent bug reports from those that participated and had a good time throughout it all. We couldn't have done it without you. And you can be sure we will be repeating that in the future.

The new manual. The new user manual is online and is open for comments. Much like the ones found at and, the best documentation comes with supplements from the users that use the product.

Unlimited blogs for everyone. MT 3.2 now offers unlimited weblogs for all licenses, including the personal free edition.

It's been a long but rewarding day seeing the positive responses to this release. Thanks for all of those. You know who you are.

MT 3.2 Now!

What are you waiting for? MT 3.2 NOW!

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Thanks, Brad Choate!
I learn MT from you... I enjoy the plugins you created for MT...

Send my best regards to SixApart Team... Wish you all the best...

Greetings from INDONESIA.

WR276 said:

I've been using on my weblog the Index Patch for Movable Type version 3.x of Dave Dribin.(

Yesterday MT 3.2 has been released and I cannot locate the the lines that I supposed to replace on the file. Do you you have any idea?

Thanks for any help

Brad Author Profile Page said:

Ah, but you don't need that now! MT 3.2 strives to be cruftless when it comes to your links. You should alter your archive templates to *add* the index filename back-- MT now strips them from published links if it finds them. A much better way to do it, IMHO.

WR276 said:

Could you give me any URL reference where I can learn more about this?

Peter said:


I've just upgraded to MT 3.2, and am playing around with the included SpamLookup plugin. Would this be the appropriate place to make suggestions for the plugin? If not, where should I do that?



Murk said:


This isnt the place to comment, but the comments are closed over on the On This Day entry...

I've been playing with your plugin, trying to get this:

2004      <---links to the day archive
  title 1 <---links to the individual archive
  title 2
  title 1
  title 2
  title 3

This is my best attempt:

       <MTEntries lastn="1" offset="180">
       <li><a href="<$MTEntryPermalink$>"><$MTEntryTitle encode_ampersands="1"$></a></li>
           <li class="module-list-item"><a href="<MTRelativeURL><$MTEntryLink archive_type="Daily"$></MTRelativeURL>"><$MTEntryDate format="%Y"$></a>
                 <li><a href="<$MTEntryPermalink$>"><$MTEntryTitle encode_ampersands="1"$></a></li>

However, it seems to parse the loops around the dateheader, rather than loop around the MT Entries as I might expect. Am I missing a trick here, is this expected behaviour or is it a subtle bug?

What I get is:

    Title 1 <---2003 titles
    Title 2
  unclosed ul element

I am, of course, on MT3.2

Murk said:

Oh, the offset is so I could hit a good day for testing, and the whole thing is embedded in <ul></ul>

Once working, this themselves would have been hidden by on this day if not needed.

Fritz said:

I like 3.2 quite a bit. But, I've encountered a strange and unexpected problem.

For some reason I can no longer post the word "sex" in my comments. I get an error message:

Precondition Failed
The precondition on the request for the URL /cgi-bin/mt/mt-comments.cgi evaluated to false.

Any word that contains the letters "sex" results in the error.

I am getting this on two separate installations. Except the error message on the other blog is:

Precondition Failed
The precondition on the request for the URL /cgi-bin/mt/mcom.cgi evaluated to false.

Anyway, since it appears to be happening with two completely different blogs, I suspect it is a global issue.

I downloaded the upgrade file: MT-3[1][1]

Brad Author Profile Page said:

Fritz: The "Precondition" error is typically caused by mod_security, an Apache filter that is usually used to filter content being sent to a web site, even before it reaches the application layer, such as MT. In other words, this error is not coming from MT itself.

As you can see, you posted the word "sex" to my MT 3.2 weblog and it went through just fine. I do have that word filtered, but the negative score your message was given for that word was offset by the fact that you didn't use any hyperlinks. So your comment was published.

Paul Larson said:


Do any of the enhancements allow true alphabetic sorting of tiles? E.g.
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Silence of the Lambs
The Empire Strikes back

should be sorted by the 'C,' 'S,' and 'E' - not 'The.' So far I haven't found any solution for this.


Mark Carey said:

Thanks for SpamLookup, Brad. Seems like it has the potential to become a great spam fighting tool.

But it seems like the most important SpamLookup feature (at least to me) was omitted from the 3.2 version! I am talking about the despam feature, of course. In fact, the only reason I upgraded to 3.2 was for the despam feature of SpamLookup -- it seems nobody mentioned that this important feature is missing (at least not that I could find). :( Any chance this will be added in a future version? Any chance the "stand-alone" version could be bolted on to 3.2 to provide a despam feature?

Sah Author Profile Page said:

Hi Mr. Choate!

I am from China. I have been waiting for a official language pack template since the day MovableType3.2 was released. I know you know much about MT developement. Could you please tell me how or where can I find the official template? I tried to modify the Japanese language pack but found it did not match the English tmpl files.

Paul Larson said:

In response to my previous comment (Sep 6, 2005), we were able to write a template that properly does title sorting. If anyone cares, read our blog entry. Hope it helps!

Tapeten said:

Great and excellent article t’s realy helpful. Thanks again.
Wow. Very impressive.

no smoking said:

I am talking about the despam feature, of course.


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