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Some time ago, (like... 2001 I think) I signed up for a personal e-mail address from NetIdentity (then known as Mailbank). The service was so-so, but I could overlook many things because I had a very personalized e-mail address. It ended with '.net' though, so I was always having to remind people of that. About a couple of years ago I decided to drop NetIdentity in favor of using this domain for my e-mail. I cancelled my NetIdentity account a few months later.

However, I still have access to that account. The web-based features seem to be disabled by now, but guess what-- the POP service is still functional. And mail is still received at that address. It doesn't bounce.

"Free service!" right? Well, yes, but I don't want it any more. And every now and then I receive a legit email to that old address. It should be bouncing, but it's not. So I have to monitor the thing. And it's really my only source of spam now, since NetIdentity doesn't do very much to filter the stuff. Apple Mail handles much of it, but the message or two that gets through is still annoying.

I've tried explaining the problem to them, but to no avail.

Update: As of yesterday, my POP login is no longer working. I don't think this is coincidence as it's been working for the last year or two. I believe someone at NetIdentity became aware of this post somehow and took action. But they didn't go far enough-- now I can't check the account but email sent to it is still not bouncing.


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Some months back, Bruce Schneier had an excellent article on the security risks resulting from the inability to terminate online accounts.

Jason Pearce said:

I, too, was a MailBank customer. I got a personalized email address and URL back in 1996 or so. When I was just a rookie web developer, MailBank did just fine. But they never grew. They still don't offer a hosting package that includes sever-side scripting, databases, includes, or anything of the sort. Just plain old HTML.

R said:

I am still a customer with them. In the last few weeks, they "upgraded" their web mail interface. The new interface is *so* clunky, that I've stopped using it. They are trying to keep up with the likes of Yahoo and Google, but the change is actually a lot worse than it was before. I've given up on it and use another service, with a better interface, and simply pull my email off netidentity.

tucowed Author Profile Page said:

Brad wrote:

I believe someone at NetIdentity became aware of this post somehow and took action.
NetIdentity was purchased by Tucows in June, and their problems began within a month of that date. A lot of NetIdentity subscribers lost their POP access since then, along with you. You can believe me when I tell you that no Tucows employee at NetIdentity is sufficiently aware of anything to take action. Check my blog for more details, or read the posts at the NetIdentity Transition Survivors Group.


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