Sweet 3.16

If you haven't heard yet, Movable Type 3.16 has been released. Lots of various bug fixes and subtle enhancements in this one. Be sure to upgrade. If you're not running 3.x yet, you're missing out.

To celebrate the occasion, I've created a new logo for the app.

It matches the MT graphics on the newly designed Six Apart web site. To install it, just download the image above and copy it into Movable Type's "images" directory. You can backup the original one first if you ever want to switch back.


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George Kelly said:

Thanks! Looks pretty spiffy atop my install.

Dan Wolfgang said:

Very cool, Brad! Looks great in my install, too.

freecia said:

I'd love to have sweet things to say about 3.16 but I'm experiencing the "multiple logins" problem which forces you to log in when you transition from one page to another. For more info http://tinyurl.com/cmpz3 .

The official fix is to move the mt installation to a subdirectory and adjust CGIPath. As another user said quite succinctly, "Thanks for the workaround, but that "official fix" is completely lame."

Just wanted to bring this to your and other users' attention. Some users experiencing this problem have successfully used an unofficial partial fix and others have downgraded to 3.15.

Thanks for the new icon. MT 3.x (as a whole) is very sweet.

yukino said:

Hi Brad -- Just wanted to let you know your trackback urls seem to be missing their "http:", both in the RDF information and above.

Brad Author Profile Page said:

My fault there. I had changed my mt.cfg file to omit the "http:" from the CGIPath setting which affected references to the trackback CGI of course. What I *should* have done was to do that to the AdminCGIPath, which is used internally for the application.

Btw, I do this because I sometimes access my MT application over https; omitting the protocol piece tells the browser to use the same protocol to follow the link.

Craif said:


I am having trouble with the Spamlookup plugin. It is catching duplicates with MT-Blacklist plugin. How can I tell one or the other to catch spam, and if it does, then the other should not?

Thank you.

Looks unbelievably cool. Thanks.


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