2004, the year stuff happened

The last few months have been quite event-filled for us. Let's recap.

April 22. Our third child, Arwen Cassandra Choate is born.

July 18. A brand New CAR!!!

September 1. I quit my job of 5 years and started work at Six Apart. I also started living on two coasts and being a Frequent Flyer. Oh and we now have a special room set aside just for rolling around in the cash.

September 19. My grandfather passed away. He was 87 and days from his 88th birthday. He died of a heart attack. My grandparents (maternal) have always been across the street from us. So he was also a father figure to me. When someone speaks of integrity, it's natural to think of Papa. Mama and Papa were married for 68 years.

No, that deserves to be spelled out: Sixty-Eight Years.

Fortunately I was back in Connecticut and was there for the week. We took a flight to be there for the funeral. It was good to see the whole family.

October 6. My wife and 3 kids were rear-ended by a drunk driver.

Thankfully, none of them have any injuries from it. Savannah just asked, "what happened?" afterwards. Not to minimize the event though... it could have very well killed my whole family. It was a hard impact that propelled the van off the road into a nearby yard. And they were also were pushed into the car that was in front of them. Things happened so fast that Georgia didn't even know they had hit the vehicle in front until the police officer told her. The guy was actually running from the police.

And this happened while I'm (still) in California and they're in Connecticut. Our house is still on the market. I'm back in Connecticut all next week. And while this trip has been a little easier due to a couple of iSight cams, but I'll be so much happier once we're all living in the same state. Anyone interested in living in Connecticut?


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Woopsydaisies! That realy needs to be spelled out indeed! It was not after I read that line that I realised it wasn't "68 years old" but "married 68 years". Amazing.
And it's good to see some people also come out of bad car accidents with just an amazed look on their faces. Very good. I just brought a friend back to Mother Earth 2 days ago who didn't have that much luck after rear ending a big truck that merged onto their lane in thick fog on a highway near Paris.
Life can go at lightning speed sometimes. And the year isn't even over yet! :)

Jojuana Wade said:

i thiink that the stories were good in all, but i think that you all need to get more deep about your promblems


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