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Gotta say, I'm really liking Adium. Release 0.50 came out this past week and it's quite promising. I've been using Fire. Fire has been an excellent client, but for some odd reason, it doesn't show some of my AIM buddies as online when they are. Adium doesn't have this problem (as far as I can tell anyway). It just needs to handle multiple identities clustering (grouping multiple screen names for a single person together, so they appear online if any of those identities are online). Fire supported this feature and so did Trillian. Aside from that, I'm enjoying:

  • Minimalist buddy list settings (my setup is a transparent buddy list with no frame -- the groups and names just hover above my destkop background).
  • Tabbed message window.
  • Webkit-powered message window1 (HTML/CSS rendered). More info on this here.
  • Event bezel panel alerts you to connections/disconnections.
  • Nice log viewer (chat history) with built-in search.
  • So far, flawless support for all the major IM networks I use: AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber (and some I haven't heard of: Gadu-Gadu and Trepia).

The About page has some screenshots and some user-supplied desktop screen captures showing the thing in action.

Oh yeah, it's free. One of those SourceForge projects.

1 Disabled by default. You will need to disable the "Standard Message View" plugin (Get Info on the Adium application and disable that item in the plugins list).


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Yah, nothing comes close to Adium on OS X. Great client.

gummi said:

There's some problems with Jabber, with HTML entities and XML declarations turning up in the chat. The developers are aware of this so I'm sure it will be fixed soon.

Apart from that, I agree, it really is much better than Fire, and I've been playin' around with the Webkit view, and loving it.

jack said:

This is nice. thankד
תודה רבה

Adium is fantastic - just discovered it a few weeks ago and it has been a huge help as I need ot be on three primary IM accounts at once. So far no issues at all.


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