WiFi Spamcasting

Mark my words. Get ready for something I'll call "WiFi spamcasting".

Imagine a mobile WiFi hotspot that use a technique like this to redirect all client web traffic requests to advertising. Just ads.

So imagine turning on your laptop and browsing to Google, only to see an eyeful of obnoxious, perhaps even pornographic ads? They might be coming from a laptop bag left behind some counter. Or perhaps it's carried around by some spam-financed drone who has nothing better to do.

It will be a pollution of the WiFi hotspot pool. A cheap technique to reach the most tech-savvy folks out there. Expect these to turn up at convention centers, hotels, airports, airplanes -- anywhere you might want a WiFi signal.

Of course, you can switch to any available WiFi service by picking the SSID you want from a list of available sources. But what if they also intentionally jam the legitimate WiFi signal(s) so that theirs is the only one that is reachable? I don't put anything past these low-lifes. And what can you do about that? WiFi is unregulated, you know.

Just imagine the scope of this problem once WiFi broadcasts can reach the 10-15 mile range.

Spam finds a way, believe me. Just a matter of time before they ruin this too. I'm not suggesting we start regulating WiFi, but this is a serious concern for me.


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