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I've been a Dotster customer for a few years now, but the $8.95 domains at Go Daddy are just too much to resist. That's a 40% savings compared to Dotster. A 75% savings if you're still using Verisign. I've heard good things, so I'm trying a few domains that are up for renewal and we'll see how it goes.

I will keep using Dotster's Domain Discover service. Excellent tool for domain name brainstorming.

Interesting. Once I requested the transfer, Dotster offered to renew the domains for $7.99. I don't know if that's a standard thing or what, but if you're needing to renew and you don't really want to switch from Dotster, you could try it and see if they'll cut you a deal.

On a side note... remember Parsons Technology? Bob Parsons is the founder and president of Go Daddy. Not sure how he arrived at the domain name, but as long as the service is reliable and cheap, he can name it whatever he wants.


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Gavin Estey said:

I've been using GoDaddy for a couple of years now and have been more than happy with the service. I've moved about a dozen domains I look after there, the only real annoyance is that they try to sell a bunch of stuff when you checkout but a couple extra clicks is worth the saving.

Fuyuko said:

First of all I've been using your MT plugins and wanted to thank you for all your work and making our blogging life so much easier.

just FYI...1and1.comoffer the domain registration for $5.88/year.

no, i don't work for 1and1.

maestro7 said:

I now have two domains registered via godaddy and have never had a problem with them. I would concur with a previous comment that mentions all of the extra "goodies" that godaddy tries to "push" upon domain registration. However, this is probably one of the ways in which they keep the registration prices so low. I haven't tried any "extra" service (outside of domain services), so I don't know about their respective qualities.

Jon said:

I've been using Registerfly.com for a few years and want to give them some props. I think prices are the same as GoDaddy and they have frequent specials available via email. Might be worth checking out as well. They have a pretty comprehensive list of services.

Mark said:

I often refer people to Go Daddy... but sometimes find it hard to do so with a straight face.

There's nothing more amusing than telling the head of a prominent not-for-profit Christian organization that he should "Go Daddy. Daddy will treat you right."

56 domains there for about 4 years now. I haven't had any problems with them, and when I had some problems while transferring registrars, godaddy was very helpful and responded quickly.

The multi-clickthrough is a bit of a pain, but the price is worth it.

caiuschen said:

Another happy GoDaddy user here. I was very skeptical when I first signed up with it; I hadn't heard of it before and discovered it by accidentally arriving at one of their parked domains. The price seemed astoundingly low. The many ads didn't really help my impression of it, but I guess that's where they get their money. Service has been very reliable for the last two years, so I'm quite pleased now.

kristine said:

I've been really happy with GoDaddy and have all of my domains there now too. I like that I can have them on auto renewal so that the renewal notices don't accidently get overlooked in my mailbox. :D

gwen said:

Why, yes, one of my domains is expiring! I've looked at Go Daddy before, but Dotster's been good to me, too, and I hate change, so I'm taking your tip and now am waiting for Dotster's mash note.

Roger said:

BTW they currently have new .com's for $7.85 and transfers are only $7.75 and include a year of registration added to whatever registration you already have.

I am using their hosting for my MT and it works pretty well. They have limited the features for security reasons so a lot of plug-ins dont work but my site is up and I can call and yell at them whenever it isnt.

Adam Gintis said:

If you like Dotster's domain name finding tool, check out this one instead. I didn't look close enough at Dotster's to make a detailed comparison, but at a glance I can tell you this one is a lot faster: http://www.whois.sc/

gwen said:

update: I waited four days and Dotster never wrote begging me to stay, so one of my domains is with godaddy now. *sniff*. I guess I'll move the rest of them when it's renewal time so the first doesn't get too lonely.

Mark said:

I say Gwen should claim sexual discrimination! :-D

gwen said:

In Dotster's defense, they *did* finally send me a letter yesterday, but I'd already okayed the transfer. Now that I've ventured out, I'm going to try one of the uber-cheap registrars for a new project.

Here you go. An interview with Bob Parsons:

Interview with Bob Parsons of Go Daddy

gestibar said:

nice :)


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