A simple plan

PIF icon Can we all agree that no one is legitimately going to e-mail a ".pif" file as an attachment to anyone? Every mail server/client in the world should be deleting these things automatically, upon arrival.

While we're at it, lets add ".exe" files too. The only legitimate EXE files that get mailed around are those stupid little games people are always forwarding to one another. They're probably carrying spyware too.

And ".scr" files.

And anything else that is a binary executable.

Oh, let's not forget those Word and Excel documents that carry virii viruses.



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dan said:

Backing evidence: A Google search for pif attachment or scr attachment only gives results related to viruses and how to screen the attachments. Nothing about legitimate uses.

ac said:

and for that matter... .com, .bat, .vbe, ...

Dan Shannon said:

The best way to plug up Outlook's security holes would be to have it ignore attachments matching "*.*" . Or there's always that "Uninstall" button.

Rich White said:

frank:zappa {2} head -8 .procmailrc

:0 B:
* ^Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
* name=.*\.(exe|bat|scr|pif)

Hasn't cost me a legitimate email message yet.

sean said:

Block list:

My employer wants 'exe's for some unknown reason.

I personally use mutt, so virii are not a problem.

Kevin said:

You mean "viruses."


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