MT-Textile 2.0.2 retouch

Argh. A little typo crept into the 2.0.2 release, so I fixed it and updated the zip. The change was so minor it didn't warrant a release bump. If you're getting warning messages during your rebuilds or the unicode macros aren't working, just redownload the 2.0.2 version. It's something that affects the use of the unicode names, ie: {white smiling face} to ☺. (Only a feature that Perl 5.8.x users get.)


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Quadsk8 said:

Hi Brad,

In the Manuals you tell us many macros can be guessed. I guessed wrong that {E=} would make an Euro sign as in {L-} and {Y=}. Is there an Euro sign available?

Mark said:

You were close... but if you think about the Euro symbol as not being an "E" but being a "C" with an equals sign hashed over it... you'll get the idea. {C=} or {=C} is what you're looking for. To see the rest of the "default_macros," open up /extlib/Text/ and take a look.

Eric said:

One question- I seem to remember Textile 1 working with Smarty Pants' style negator ( /" or /' etc.) but can't seem to find the way to do this within Textile 2. Am I just missing something?

Quadsk8 said:

Sorry, textile2 question again:

Cannot get 'clear' signature to work, it keeps coming up as <p>clear. </p>
What am i doing wrong?

Mark said:

The footnote block signature generates an id in the resultant footnote link. This makes semantic sense if only one set of footnotes are present on a single page, but not if you have multiple articles presented on a single page that have their own set of footnotes. Having two sets of footnotes on a single page results in two ids sharing the same name which invalidates the XHTML.

For example: I recently wrote a couple of blog entries, a few weeks apart. Each blog entry had a single footnote. Because each blog entry counts as a separate article in its own right, they need their own set of self-contained bookmarks. Unfortunately, because both blog entries are currently showing on my front page, the resultant XHTML fails W3C validation.

I haven't tried assigning a class to each footnote yet to see if it overrides the id setting. Although assigning the footnote an id makes semantic sense in the context of a single document, in the context of a blog displaying multiple documents a class might be a more logical choice.

Brad Author Profile Page said:

Quadsk8: Currently, the "clear" signature fails to work if you have any whitespace on the end of it. I know this is a little contradictory from the others, but it's not so odd considering you don't put any text on the line for those. The next patch will fix this so following whitespace is ignored.

Mark: Personally I only place footnotes in the extended entry field. These would normally go on their own page, so there would be no conflict. However, I've had a few people (like you) who are doing footnotes all within the main entry text. I agree that is a problem. I can't just number all footnotes sequentially on the page since with each new entry, the footnote ids would change and would alter bookmarks. So perhaps a workaround for this is to integrate the entry id into entry footnotes and comment id into comment footnotes (for those using Textile to format comments). Easy enough to do I suppose, but I hate loosing simple footnote references on my entries. I prefer #fn1 to #fn1_e1234 or something like that.

Quadsk8 said:

Brad, sorry it's me again.
I have a problem with the combination of Textile and Key Values plugin. The multiline delimiter "==" is also escaping the Textile filter.
I would not like to change the delimiter, it is in use at a number of posts. Is there a smart solution of escaping the escape?

Edward said:

I've just sent this email to the author of the HTML Optimizer plug-in, and thought I should inform you just in case.

I'm using your plug-in (HTML Optimiser plug-in) with MT Textile (, and I seem to have a bug....
If you look at this page: and look at the perl comment then the code and comment is not on the same line. HOWEVER, if you go to then you should see that the comment is not on the same line. This is when the optimiser is off. All the optimiser is doing is removing blank space but it is doing this inside the pre tag.
So what is happening is:

# Perl code here
print "Hello world!";

is getting altered to:
# Perl code
"Hello world!";

This may not show up in your email client, so I strongly suggest that you head over to the pages in question and view the particular source. I think that the MT-textile plug-in uses some cunningness inside the pre tags to ensure that a return character is included. Could you take a look please and see what you think?



The result is that the comment occurs on the same line as the code coming afterwards!

Edward said:

PS. On your preview page, there's an error on the bottom:
MT::App::Comments=HASH(0x805c234) Use of uninitialized value in sprintf at lib/MT/Template/ line 1187.

Edward said:

(Sorrry to post a third comment) The tags didn't show up even though I encoded them and they showed up on your preview. :(

Quadsk8 said:

Brad, I know you must be busy, but if you have the time would you consider writing a Textile extension to the Firefox browser?

I found the BBCode extension from Jed Brown for making BB-formatting on forums, and this would be rather good if it was available as Textile formatting.

Used together with the scribe extension for saving webposts during editing, Firefox would be perfect for quick MT-blogging.

Regards to family (and car)

Brad, with your site design it broke the link to the Textile 2 documentation in the MT UI. You might want to add an alias to your .htaccess to fix that up.

Rayne Author Profile Page said:

Can we not use this plugin with dynamic publishing? I've been publishing statically and have decided to switch to dynamic, but it won't work because of the Textile plugin.

Brad Author Profile Page said:

@Rayne: This post covers how to set up Textile and Markdown for dynamic publishing.

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Lucas said:


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