An Apple IIc

Apple IIc If you read my Newly Digital post, you would know that I wanted an Apple IIc 20 years ago. (This was introduced in April '84 -- a few months after the original Mac.) So here we are in 2004, and eBay just so happened to have one available. So, I bought it.

$50.51 for a functional Apple IIc with color monitor, printer, a set of nice games (Flight Simulator, Infocom's H2G2), Print Shop, AppleWorks. Even a genuine Apple mouse to go with it. Even EA's Music Construction Set -- the predecessor to GarageBand (ok, that's a stretch). Quite a deal. Not bad for a computer that initially sold for $1,295 retail.

I don't know what I'll do with it. I'm sure someone's ported Linux/Mozilla/MAME to it, but no... I'll stick with good ol' ProDOS. I just gotta find a copy of Lode Runner for it.


Dan said:

It's so gratifying to know that I'm not the only one who loves Lode Runner. Not that horrible 3D version, the original.

Good luck with the Mac... if all else fails, Linux will run on anything.

Matthew said:

Believe it or not, I almost bid on that exact same Apple. Congrats on the great buy! I'm sure you can find Lode Runner on an Apple/II Warez site somewhere :)

Ryan said:

Congrats on the purchase! I still break out my old Apple on occasion and it really takes me back to "a good place," as a psychatrist would say.

I had a dream about two weeks ago that I was at a giant garage sale and one of the items for sale was an old Apple IIe with dual disk drives and a monitor... they wanted a few hundred dollars for it, though, and Dream Me found that kind of pricy.

Jay said:

EA Music Construction Set?! Whoa, that brings back memories. I remember spending hours entering the sheet music from songs like Axel F and the theme to Miami Vice so I could hear my Apple play it back to me.



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