Pizza Plows

After another hour or so of shovelling snow from my driveway, it dawned on me that there might be a good All-American solution to being snowed in.

I joked today with Georgia that we should call Domino's and order a pizza. Knowing full well that they couldn't possibly deliver to us, considering the state of our driveway. And then... it occurred to me that they probably have terrible business at times like this. And it happens several times each winter.

Why not turn that weakness into an advantage? I say they should have their drivers operating trucks with snow plow equipment! Imagine... instead of trudging around, shoveling snow, you could just order up a pizza. In 30 minutes or less, your problem is solved and you've got a tasty lunch.

I'd expect the pizza company could even charge another $20 or so for it, but imagine how many pizzas they'd sell if they were running that kind of winter service! And everyone would know who to call. No plowing without pizza though -- can't have that. Gotta sell those pies.


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nick said:

i drive for pizza hut, and i was seriously considering buying a snow plow for this reason. i'd be raking it in!

Kyle said:

Thats a really good solution to and Pizza place, expecially pizza hut, they would make alot more money in the winter too, how do you think of these things.. lol

Andrea said:

But $20 seems too much a bargain for a driveway, maybe for very short driveways...

Aren't most pizzas delivered in ordinary small cars?

And must we wait for the d'way to be finished while the pizza cools off in the truck? torture!

Good idea, still needs work though.

Cranial said:

Hmmm... What happens when the inevitable prank pizza order is delivered?

Kolby K. said:

Quite the idea Brad!


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