Real temperature

Boy that's cold. (Values are in fahrenheit. Wind chill is not taken into account. Wind chills tonight will be down to 30 below zero.) And yet, I'm sure someone will take the time to comment, "oh that's nothing, I've had much colder weather than that." I say we bring back CFCs. This global warming thing needs to be accelerated.

In other news, Movable Type 2.66 is out with a neat comment throttle feature. That hasn't been a problem here so far, but I love being proactive.

Speaking of cool things, the SelfLoader perl module is cool. It's been around forever and I'm just now learning about it. The updates to my Movable Type plugins will use it liberally so that they can all be installed as a single file (without having to sacrifice the speed of loading them initially).

Finally, I'm looking for those of you that have taken my PerlScript plugin to the extreme. Anyone that makes use of the exotic "cache", "once" or "package" attributes should contact me so I can gauge how much (if any) an upcoming 2.0 release will affect you.


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Ryan said:

Those are some temps I'll never see in my neck of the woods, Southern California. Brrrr, indeed! ;)

Dan said:

Connecticut is going to be cold all over tonight. Well, I'm not going to be complaining about my PowerBook's heat anytime soon :-).


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