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So a few days ago, for the first time in two weeks I fired up my former laptop, running Windows XP Pro. I had to clean it up, prepping it for sale since I don't have much need for two laptops at the moment.

Within two minutes of logging in, I was greeted with something that I have been missing since switching to Mac OS X. Here it is:

Windows Update dialog

Yep. Windows Update dutifully reported to me that there were no less than four critical updates all of which were to circumvent some attacker from gaining complete control over my computer. I guess it's a good thing it's been sitting very idle and off.

Don't get me wrong -- Mac OS X has a software update feature too. But by and large, it brings me new features and goodies. How refreshing. Every once and a while it includes a service update to some portion of the underlying system (like sendmail, which fortunately was replaced with postfix in Panther).


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Lacy said:

I don't have a Mac, but if they have less security updates than PC's then I'm sure I would love them. I have about 40 people on my network at work -- and the other day I was installing a new program for one of the higher-ups. The Windows Update flashed up on the screen, and I figured I would go ahead and install the updates for him while I was working. I was completely shocked when I discovered that he had almost 40 security updates to complete -- evidently he had just been clicking "install later" every time the update window popped up over the past 6-7 months. So it took almost two hours to install all these updates from our friends at Microsoft. Why can't they just recompile XP and give us all a new copy? Ugh!!!

ceejayoz said:

At least Microsoft doesn't make you pay $129 to patch a kernel buffer overflow... for an OS that had been the latest version until just a day before!


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