I don't know about you, but...

  • I wish PgUp and PgDn on a Mac would move the cursor and not just the view. That would be nice.
  • I despise any DVD that has a pre-menu opening sequence that lasts more than 5 seconds. No, make that 3.
  • I won't be doin' no sidetalkin'.
  • It annoys me greatly that the Xbox requires the purchase of a remote to operate the on-board DVD player functions (in contrast to the PS2 which lets you use a controller). Just another reminder of why I don't use Windows anymore.
  • I'm off work today (aka the "Zero Hour" for Matrix: Revolutions). IMAX, here I come.
  • I understand now why every Mac owner I've met is fanatical about their Macintosh.
  • I think my daughter makes a pretty cute dalmation.
  • I'm starting to wonder if Movable Type Pro is ever coming out.
  • I'd like to take the Verizon "Can You Hear Me Now?" guy on a tour around where I live.
  • The first look at the Sony PSP looks nice (concept model).


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jacken said:

My advice to you is to hack the xbox so you can run unsigned code on it. Put in a bigger harddrive and you can download movies and games to it. If you get Xbox media player you can play DVDs without the stupid remote control.

Carl said:

I just heard that Microsoft will abandon the Pentium processor in it's XBox, in favor of the PowerPC. Newswires are already talking of the upcoming OSXBox ;-)

Tyler said:

I think the thing that bugs me the most about editing/coding on OS X is the behaviour of Home/End.

I prefer the situation where they correspond to the start and end of a line, not a file.

Ah well, control-left/right arrow won't kill me.

mpt said:

PgUp and PgDn have been used for scrolling the page up and down since Jef Raskin defined the Mac’s keyboard combos in 1983. If, on the other hand, you want to move the insertion point up or down:

  • one line = Up, Down
  • one paragraph = Option+Up, Option+Down
  • entire document = Command+Up, Command+Down

If the latter two don’t work in your editor of choice, complain to its vendor.

If you still think that’s not reasonable, be thankful you're not using Raskin’s “Humane Environment”, where even the unmodified Up and Down keys only scroll the document, without moving the insertion point.

robert said:

MT Pro?

SilenceWare or VaporWare?

We would love it collectively at our institution and may likely need to build something or find a replacement for MT going forward.

I don't know though -- we all flex the base MT capabilities and that doesn't bother me too much.

About those key clicks? Assign something new to whatever you like? Isn't there a way to do so in Panther?

Definetly hack the Xbox, you'll get 10x as much out of it if you do!

Tyler Berry said:

If you use Panther, the PgUp and PgDn keys can be rebound in Terminal to do what you expect. While it's only terminal, as a long-time user of both Mac and Unixen, I find that I'm used to the Mac behavior in Mac apps, but need the PgUp/PgDn in terminal apps.

KO said:

I've been wondering about MT Pro for some months now. Perhaps they are pondering how to incorporate the matrix into it... mayhaps MT Pro will come out right after Textile 2.0 makes it out from beta....

To fix your dvd problems forever, buy one of those chinese/taiwanese super-dvd players which play every fileformat under the sun and tetris, all for under a 100 dollars. Over here they are about 4000Rs. Another cool thing they do is play mp3's and slideshows of jpegs at the sametime.

Mark said:

The reason the remote/dongle isn't included is with the Xbox is to avoid having to pay the licensing fee and to keep costs down. But I totally agree with the other commenters: hack your Xbox! Plop in a mod chip and a bigger hard drive, and it makes one bitchin' networked media center.


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