Happy Panther Day

I was pretty surprised to find that although Apple was not publicly offering a free OS X 10.3 upgrade to new PowerBook owners, they in fact were (and perhaps still are). I qualified for a free upgrade (well, free plus $19.95 for shipping and handling) according to their Mac OS X Up-To-Date web service. I even put in my purchase date as September 26th.

Well, it arrived today. And it's installed. And it's just spiffy. Unfortunately, it breaks some things. Specifically, several third-party things. Fortunately, those things are getting patched right now to work with Panther. Fugu has been patched already. So has SubEthaEdit. I'm still waiting for GPGMail, WindowShade X and PithHelmet. Things that still work: LaunchBar, Clutter, Synergy, BBEdit, Fire, osx2x, TinkerTool.

CSSEdit appears to be my CSS editor of choice at the moment. The latest release supports live previews. Unfortunately it doesn't provide any feedback with regard to compatibility with the various browsers at the moment. But I think it has a good future.

Oh, and something else I am waiting on-- the Panther-compatible cvsfinder. Someone who reads my site is a developer on this project and was good enough to give me a heads-up on it. It strives to be the Mac version of TortoiseCVS and it looks like it's off to a good start. Version 0.1 was released just the other day and during the brief moment that I was able to run it, it worked pretty well (read: didn't cause a kernel panic).

I don't have time to write a full review of it -- especially considering I've just been using it for a little bit, but Mark has the jump on all of us, so go read his.


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Rod Begbie said:

There's a Panther-compatible WindowShade beta at http://www.unsanity.org/archives/000268.php


Oscar said:

Panther arrived at my office in New Haven today and I have been sitting there staring at it while trying to concentrate on my work. I am now ready to install but I have been fearing for breakage. I assume I'll lose a lot of my fink installed X11 stuff, but as long as web browsers, email, and BBEdit work, I'm pretty much good to go. So, thanks for the reassuring info, and I'll see you next from the 10.3 side.

Oscar said:

Done. QuickKeys 2.0 brings the whoke thing down. Beta fix available. CopyPaste 1.6 breaks the lower case "c" key. No fix yet. Must quit CopyPaste to restore c.

Ryan said:

GPGMail 1.0 came out today: http://www.sente.ch/software/GPGMail/English.lproj/GPGMail.html

Now that's service.

Ryan Abrams said:


just fyi, that Fjortis comment is porn spam. And it was a horrible shock to click it at work.

Anyway, 10.3 rules. I got the same "secret" up-to-date that you did, and was pleasantly surprised by it. That was good on their part, as it let us be honest AND satisfied. In any case, back to the grind.


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