Settling in with the penguin

My RedHat 9 workstation is doing great. It now has a 17" widescreen LCD panel attached to it. Plays DVDs using Ogle (which even does the DVD title menus), MPEG served by xine. CD burning with X-CD-Roast.

Despite my reservations about the harmfulness of Wine, it is useful. Photoshop 7 runs just fine (thanks, Sean!). So does Trillian Pro. But if I'm really going native, shouldn't I be using the Gimp and GAIM instead?

I created my first "Hello World" app using Glade and GNU C last night. Boy, it feels good to explore new territory.

Meld -- my Linux replacement for WinMerge (why'd they have to write that with Visual Studio?).

Thinking Different

As for portable computing, check out my new ride. Yes, really. Peer pressure is a terrible thing. I had way too much money. Now Apple does. I think at this point in my technological life, anything but Windows will do.

By the way-- considering Apple's fondness for that brushed metal/chrome look, you'd better grab one of these color Macs before they revert the platform back to grayscale.

I also now know that it takes a long time for Airborne Express to deliver from Shanghai.

Relevant: What's on Your Dock?

And good news-- the Gyration mouse and keyboard are OS X compatible (I just wish Synergy was too).

With Anticipation

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King trailer now available.

Matrix Revolutions theater trailer now available.

Software Upgrades

Open Office 1.1. If this thing doesn't satisfy your "Officeware" needs, then maybe you've seen too many MS Office training videos.

Perl 5.8.1 is out.

A Mozilla Firebird 0.7 release candidate is available. Working great on Win32 and Linux.

Relevant: Beautiful icons for Mozilla Firebird and Thunderbird.

MusicMatch 8.1 (or is it 8.10?) is out and now has a music store (99 cents/track too).

I noticed that my ThinkDB Palm applet got acquired by DataViz and has morphed into SmartLists To Go. They were nice enough to give me a free upgrade to the latest release, free of charge.

And another week has gone by and MT-Textile 2 is still in beta. When is that guy going to release already?


Scout Popcorn. You know you want it. (Powered by osCommerce, a free PHP e-Commerce engine.)

Ultra High Def Video. Glad I haven't invested in HDTV yet... try 4 times the resolution. But at a price-- 3.5 terabytes for a measly 18 minutes of video. So where do you buy a 500 terabyte TiVo? I don't think they have the processors yet to compress streams that big.

The source code to Homeworld 1 was released.

Voting is over, so it must be Atom.

David Dvorkin: The Surprising Benefits of Being Unemployed (of note: the sidebar on Smallville under "Power Shower").

I finally got around to putting another 60 GB drive in my TiVo. Now we can record twice the number of cartoons for Savannah. Greeeat. TiVo Hacks was somewhat helpful, but I'd like the book a lot more if it were more relevant for the Series 2.

Wow... that was quite cathartic.


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Hi Brad --

You will probably want to check out mplayer and it's GUI front ends for playing every kind of video under the sun, including DVDs. It's much, much nicer than xine.

Also, same goes for K3B for CD burning. Much nicer to use than xcdroast, but uses the same command-line tools under the hood.


sean said:

mplayer is nice, and it can support many more formats than xine. I say "can" because it doesn't 'out of the package' (software package in this case, rather than a real box). It takes a little work to get it running everything the way you want, but it is worth the effort.

sean said:

What about osx2x [] in synergy's place. Or some sort of combination if you also have MS Windows in the loop.

"osx2x is a small Mac OS X application that lets you control an X Windows server using your mac's mouse and keyboard. So if you happen to have a mac and an X Windows machine on your desk you only need to use a single keyboard and mouse! "

Other ideas would involve x2vnc [], and so on. That is if VNC's performance is ok for you.

Roshambo said:

Do you use Gnome by default? I've noticed Redhat provides KDE in kind of a crippled state.

Anonymous said:

Re: Macintosh/OS X

Looks like you only held out for just over a week :-)

What happened to your willpower


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