Clearing the dust

Someone should develop a CSS/PHP or CSS/Javascript technique that makes your site look like it's collecting dust the longer it goes without an update. By now, this site would be completely covered. A whole month since my last post. I can do better.

Anyway, to catch up. Lots of things have been going on, mostly family related. Savannah had her third birthday. She starts preschool this coming Monday. She's quite excited about it of course. Seth had his first birthday -- actually, he's having it today!

And let's not forget that Georgia is expecting again. She's about 2 months along. The due date is April 11th. Because of this, we've been looking at the real estate market to see if we can find a nice four bedroom that will contain us for the next 20 years or so.

Work has been going pretty well. We're transitioning from Oracle to DB2, so that's been interesting. We've also switched to Lotus Notes Release 6 -- which is perhaps a safer platform than Outlook, but is missing an integrated Spambayes and I really, really need a good spam solution for work (I would promise never again to post my e-mail address to a newsgroup, but it's a little late now).

Other than that, I'll share that I'm considering switching to Interland for my hosting. They're currently offering a $79/month server with specs similar or better to the server I'm using now. $240 a year is not pocket change to a family of 5. Also doesn't hurt that they were in the top 10 most reliable hosts for August.

I also checked all my plugin work into a CVS server hosted on this web server. I'll be using it as my development repository going forward. The CVS interface itself is not publicly accessible, but there is a web-based front end if you care to peek around. You'll find a few works in progress that are unreleased. Feedback is welcome. And please use the bug tracker if you find something that needs fixing.

One more thing for closure -- my friend Ron who was looking for a job has taken a teaching position for this school year, with medical benefits. I appreciate all the help with the "Hire Ron" campaign, but since he got the position on his own, so there is no prize (sorry Ron, but contest rules made you ineligible!).


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James said:

I've had several bad experiances with interland in the past, horrible support and they nickel and dime you. Just my opinion of course. :)

Roshambo said:

I too have had some very bad experiences with Interland. Be forewarned.

I recommend MediaTemple and Hostway. Both offer top-notch features, are reasonably priced, and have the best customer service I have ever recieved in my life.

Looks like Lotus is adding spam filtering to Lotus in 6.5 which I believe we are supposed to actually get since the upgrade plan took so long that the next version was included in the purchase.

edmz said:

Being the perl guy you seem to be I was expecting Bugzilla instead of mantis :)

Congrats on the pregnancy, Brad! Hope everything goes smoothly. On a side note, does your company use SpamAssassin? That works the best for me. However, SpamBayes is a good fix when you don't have access to the e-mail server.

leonard said:

Busy busy busy, as the the Bokonists say.

Anyway, agree with James that you might want to do some search before springing for Interland. WHT has a lot of horror stories related to Interland's customer service, billing, etc. I've been on a Rackshack server for almost two years now. Never had a network problem, and tech support was very responsive when I've need help.

pete said:

Well, the question is, what is the look of collecting dust? I suppose we could use CSS to load different background images with the appearance of dust in some way. Perhaps we'd use an include/bit of code of some sort to look at the last mod time of the file, for statically rendered sites, or hit the database for dynamic sites, and figure out how much dust to add...

Of course it may have been some sort of rhetorical question, in which case, ignore me...

Jesper said:

'S getting dusty.

lee said:

We had TERRIBLE problems with Interland. Their support sucks. They constantly try to upsell instead of fixing problems. They changed IP addresses in May for no real reason and opened us to a crapload of spam relaying. Even though it was a royal pain, we decided it was time to move all 60 sites to a new webserver in a new data center. After looking and asking a lot of questions, we settled on Netsonic ( and got a great deal for less than half what we paid at Interland (we needed more than just space -- we need backup service and extra IP addresses, for example). Support at Netsonic is fantastic. More than that, they're friendly people and small enough so that you don't get lost in the queue.

Chris said:

Hey man, I like your site. Very laid back, just about you. i like. I also like the idea of married young and kids, same here ;) Got a little boy, almost 9 months, Aidan. :) Later bud

Oscar said:

I've found a disconnect between the business side and the tech side at Interland. I have been very happy with my server "itself", and in the rare instances that I have needed THEM to do something to fix something they broke, they have done it almost instantly. They screwed me on an upgrade that actually reduced my payment (I was paying years old rates for a legacy Hostpro server before the upgrade), but they made good eventually.


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