Yet another IE6/CSS bug

Eric Meyer: Testing for Flaws

Eric has a great test case that shows IE's simple inability to render the CSS rule font size: 1em combined with using IE's Text Size menu options ("Largest", "Larger", "Smaller", "Smallest").

Here's a thought -- we need to find a way to portray these CSS bugs as security issues. They seem to be pretty quick to patch Internet Explorer for reasons like that.

So how can we spin this CSS bug and others (like lack of PNG transparency support) so they are considered as top priority? If you can think of any, please do tell.


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One way is to direct IEWin users to download Mozilla Firebird, telling them that it blocks pop-ups and is less buggy in displaying your page. Even if it doesn't get Microsoft to fix IE, we've gained a Firebird user or two :) Otoh, you might drive away some visitors by doing that.

Michael Z. said:

How about pushing it as an accessibility issue? Are there any advocacy groups for the disabled that are pushing web browser standards compliance?

Sam P. said:

I think there are.
They just tend to be pretty quiet for some reason. At least here in sweden.

As I see it there has started to arise more and more 'good' reasons for the 'next guy' to install Firebird.
Popup-blocking and tabbed browsing are two major ones. I recently showed my dad the delight of using Firebird instead of IE, and now that's the only browser he uses.


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