MT-Regex 1.7 Beta

A new release for MT-Regex is available for public beta testing. Adds some goodies like grep, split and join. Login to Mantis to get it. The news page there has the link to download it.


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Ian Fenn said:

Hi Brad,

Great plug-in. I have a question though…

Is it possible to include the content of other MT tags in MT-Regex? I would like to provide a link to comments if I have over 3 and thought the following might work…

s/(\d+)/$1>1?’>> <a href="[MTCGIPath][MTCommentScript]?entry_id=[MTEntryID]">Browse all ‘.$1.’ comments’:’ ‘/e</a>

Am I doing something wrong? Or is the plug-in not capable of this? :-(

All the best,



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