MT-Textile 2 ready for testing

Much progress has been made on the next release of MT-Textile. I've put together a page to test the new version, available here. It adds several new features and fixes many mistakes of the current release. There is a documentation page accessible there by clicking on the hyperlinked "(?)".

I'm especially interested in backwards-compatability. If you use MT-Textile right now, try copying and pasting the Textile-formatted text of some of your more complicated entries into that form to see if the new version produces the desired results.

So give it a whirl. I've set up Mantis on my server at this location. Sign up for an account and use that to report any bugs under the "MT-Textile 2" project. Thanks!


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jeff said:

thanks for the great plugin.

why not bugzilla?

Brad Author Profile Page said:

Bugzilla? It's probably more complete, but a royal pain to set up. I prefer the cleaner, simpler approach Mantis has taken.

pete said:

Anyone who asks "why not bugzilla?" has probably not tried installing Bugzilla ;)

Bugzilla is nice for large complex projects, it's very full featured, but setup is quite a pain. At least in my experience.

hey brad!

how in the heck do i valign text when I use tables with textile? can't figure it out.. i'm new at this :)



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