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I was being so careful. I waited and waited for Ben to make some public mention about the book and in particular, something with my name to make sure it was real. So two days after posting this entry, the whole thing falls through the floor. Ben tells me that the market is just too saturated with blogging books for another one right now-- it's still a small niche to be marketing to in the first place.

It's a shame that Blogging Hacks won't be published, but now that I think about it a little, O'Reilly may have done the right thing. Following the Hacks series, it would have contained 100 assorted articles that cover blogging software and how to publish what you want for your weblog. But since it covers a variety of blogging software, the value to the consumer is lessened. I only use Movable Type myself -- while there would have been a number of MT articles in there, I would have no need for any of the ones on Radio or Blogger or any of the other packages. So instead of a book of 100 articles, I'd wind up with perhaps just 50 or so that would even be applicable to me.

In any case, expect to see some posts (in the near future) of the articles I wrote that would have been a part of Blogging Hacks.


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Sebastian said:

I also had a couple of nice MT hacks that would have been in the book (at least Ben sent me an email :-)... what about opening a topicexchange channel to trackback them when we publish on our own blogs?

ron said:

Disappointed at this news. Whilst theres life theres hope. Specific information is thin on the ground.

Dave Winer said:

It'll be just as good on the Web, probably even better because more people will see them. I'll even contribute some for Radio if you like.

Brad Author Profile Page said:

Good idea, Dave. is registered. As Adam Kalsey put it, "great, another d*** project."

Gavin said:

Let us know how I can get involved.

Jess Have said:

Looking forward to reading your MT-hacks!

iced glare said:

OMG Brad I totally love the new's you LOL
I saw the movie and I didn't like it!!


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