No more new windows for Zeldman

Zeldman abandons new windows for outside links: "If you prefer to load links in a new window, you know what to do."

My thoughts exactly. And another reason I would like everyone to migrate to XHTML-Strict -- no "target" attribute.

If people love new windows for offsite links so much, why hasn't that become a browser behavior preference by now?


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Of the sites I have designed for others this is always a big issue for them. They never want anyone leaving their site and apparently think this is a cleaver way to keep people from doing so. I on the other hand have always felt that if your content is crap and you make your site a pain to leave (even a little) no one will ever come back anyway.

Jesper said:

Er, XHTML Strict?

Arve said:

XHTML 1.0 is just a reformulation of HTML 4.01 in SGML, and comes in three flavors, Loose, strict and frameset, equivalent to their HTML/SGML counterparts.

Tyler said:

I'm sorry did I miss something? Who likes links that open new windows?

My non-computer and computer friends are both annoyed to no end when sites open new windows.

Good decision Brad.

pete said:

The real issue is that some people *might* want links to open in new windows (or new tabs) but it should be completely up to the person clicking on the link to dictate the behavior.

For at least 5 years I've been using browsers that let me have control over opening a link in the current window, in a new window, in a new tab, etc. but still some site designers think they can decide this for me.

It's time to get with the times...


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