Collaborative Filtering

I'm on the hunt for information regarding collaborative filtering. You know, systems like uses for recommending what you might like based on your activity and the likes and dislikes of others.

I'm especially interested in any open source implementations. A constant-time algorithm similar to Eigentaste would be a plus.

If you have any leads, information or insights to share, please do either by comment or e-mail.

Available Resources

  • Alkindi, a Java-based collaborative filtering system that has been placed in the public domain. (Note: doesn't appear to be a complete implementation, but could serve as a foundation to build from.)


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pete said:

Check out what one Drupal user came up with:

leonard said:

While I can't recommend any open source collaborative filtering implementations offhand (a google search on the topic seems to turn up some good leads), I did get into doing some toying with the ART-1 algorithm a while back. You might find some of those links useful. Also, I believe the DDJ article I was reading was back in the Dec 2002 issue. You might be able to find it. The actual algorithm isn't too complex.

Paolo said:

open source

here some typical CF datasets


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