802.11n and Gigabit ethernet

I'm pleased to report that I'm doing my part to ensure the progress of wireless and wired networking technologies.

This past weekend I purchased a new WiFi Wireless-G/Broadband router. And then on Monday I found a Gizmodo link to this article which reports the 802.11 group's work on a new protocol-- 802.11n which will provide a 320Mbps throughput rate.

Not only that, but Linksys now offers an affordable Gigabit switch (currently ~$160 street).

You see, every time I buy into something new, it is almost instantly outdated. So you have me to thank.

Update: bad link on the gigabit switch. Fixed.

I'm looking to sell the D-Link 801.11b access point I have been using. Looks like the going rate on eBay is about $40, but I'll take $30 for it. E-mail me if interested. My old standalone broadband router is spoken for.


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pete said:

I'm guessing you're one of those who can trigger a new software release as well just by downloading and installing what appears to be the most recent version.

Gavin said:

Unfortunatly that isn't a gigabit switch it's a 10/100 switch with a gigabit uplink.

All this bandwidth is a little excessive. It seems like they're solving a problem that doesn't exist. I'm more than happy with 802.11b at home. It's a bit of a moot point when you only have 512k DSL :)

Kurt Raschke said:

Nope, actually that's a full 8-port 10/100/1000 switch, and every one of those ports is capable of Gigabit speeds. So it's actually a very good deal considering how cheap it's going for.

The other day I purchased a LinkSys 5-Port Gigabit switch for $119 at Fry's Electronics. It was the last day of what seemed to be an unadvertised sale.

As for wireless, you can never have fast enough wireless. Some of us power users push around a lot of content on the local network. And since wireless isn't quite up to speed with 100mbit and gigabit hard wire networks, us power users can't replace our wired lans with all wireless. I'd love to have all my servers and workstations on pure wireless (so there's no wire clutter), but it just can't push around video files fast enough.

Brendyn said:

I love persephone as your background on the comments page, she's hot in that dress.

But, I did my research paper (about a week ago) on Ethernet technologies through the ages and found out surprising amounts about all the new technologies and IEEE standards that they adhere to.

It's great fun to learn more about them. I actually recently bought a 10/100 EtherFast Linksys Switch for my home's LAN, and got it to work properly after getting Road Runner to give me a second IP for a hefty $4.95 a month.

So to the point: Thanks for the link to that, it's great to learn what's next. Have a good day!


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