New Safari beta is out

Well, since three separate people have gone out of their way to report it to me, I thought I should share the good news. There's a new Safari beta available (the web browser by Apple for Mac OS X) that adds lots of goodies. Among them are:

  • Tabbed browsing (yay!)
  • Autofill for forms
  • Improved standards support (fixes some more of the bugs Mark has pointed out)
  • Better AppleScript support

Oh and it also includes the fix for the annoying 'offsite link' bug that everyone using Safari has seen on this site.


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Tom Svab said:

It still doesn't support (maybe it's Java) using Webmin SSH login and File Browser modules. But OS X comes SSH ready, so I can't complain too much - just can't use all of Webmin to administer other *nix boxes.


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