'bBay' Experiment: Memento

MementoI've recently bought the super-duper edition of Memento. It's one of those movies that keeps you thinking about it long after the credits roll. And one that you'll want to watch a few times to make sure you caught everything. Anyway, I bought the special edition from my Amazon Gold Box offer and it is replacing the plain jane edition that I already have (thanks, Hollywood). So now I have an extra copy that I'd like to sell. But, instead of going to eBay and paying a fee for playing, I thought I'd try to sell it here.

This is an experiment, so bear with me. You can bid on this movie by placing a comment. Bidding will start at $1. So if no one has bid yet, you can leave a comment with "$1" in it. If someone outbids you and you wish to bid again, just leave another comment, increasing your bid by an amount you deem appropriate. All bids must be made with a valid e-mail address so that I can contact the winner.

Bidding on this item will close at midnight Eastern time this Monday (that is Monday, 12:00 A.M.). The winning bidder will be contacted by e-mail. I will pay the shipping cost -- unless it's an international purchase (in which case I would ask to be reimbursed for half the shipping cost).

According to Amazon, their current price for this movie (new) is $21.49. Any bids over this amount would just be silly, so I won't consider those as legitimate bids. So go ahead and bid $1,000,000 or something else as silly, I'm sure it will be amusing to yourself.

The rules are loose -- obviously bids can be placed in any order, so I will be sorting by bid amount and then by time upon the end of the auction to determine the winner. And there's also little accountability with this system. I trust anyone who participates to be honest. The first person that I contact and Paypal's the amount bid will be the winner.

Update: Auction is over. Thanks to Ashutosh Kadakia who placed the winning bid. And I should add-- thanks to everyone for particpating in the experiment. Went pretty well I think.


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Adam Kalsey said:

I'll start the bidding at a buck.

Fil said:

Excellent idea there Brad!

Oscar said:

Ah, more new dimensions in blogdom!

6 bucks :-O

What a bargain!!

Ashutosh Kadakia said:



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