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I guess if I'm going to say anything about Iraq I should before the war is behind us. I have a feeling that is going to be a very small window, so it's now or never.

Saddam is not in a good place. He has few choices. The best thing he could do is to leave Iraq. Saving Iraq from a forceful invasion would be the right thing to do, but when has he ever taken that path? No, he will stubbornly fight, to the extent it is possible to do so. The worst thing he could do is to use any chemical or biological weapons. Doing so would only reverse any divisions that exist within the United Nations.

Bush's gamble is that our intelligence is right. That Saddam does possess the Weapons of Mass Destruction that the inspectors have been diligently searching for. If they do exist, it will provide vindication for the invasion. A joke by Bill Hicks from the Gulf War: "So how does the U.S. know Iraq has incredible weapons of mass destruction? We looked at the receipt."

The U.S. and others (a who's-who of the U.N. security council -- Britain, France, U.S.S.R./Russia, etc.) are responsible for Iraq's arsenal. The reasons for that are beyond my comprehension. The hypocrisy is staggering if you think about it. But it seems that we're now taking the opportunity to clean up our mess. But if we go in and find that the biological and chemical agents aren't there, then they've been sold or exported to other parties and/or governments. That's a nightmare scenario I'd rather not think about.

Now that war is imminent, let's hope this is all over soon.


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nick said:

I've never considered that possibility: All that evidence that we have, but were unwilling to release to the public, not to mention the weapons inspectors, that evidence might be kinda incriminating for us. We know they have something really dangerous because we did something really stupid.

Sorry to say, I don't think it's going to be over anytime soon. Maybe Iraq will be quick, but that's just one item on the list.

Tobias said:

I read something interresting yesterday (don't remember where). The administration has claimed for months that it has undisputable evidence of WMDs in Iraq. This is a direct admission that the US is not living up to its obligations under resolution 1441 which calls upon all UN member nations to share their intelligence information.

Brad Carps said:

At this point, the United States can't afford to *not* discover weapons of mass destruction. Sure he has them -- we gave them to him to gas the kurds and Iran -- but even if we can't find them, at this point we'll need to plant the evidence. I hear from an unconfirmed source that he's lining the bridges into Baghdad with VX nerve gas, so we may not have to fake it afterall.

Frankly, the whole thing is a mess and a joke. We flattened Afghanistan for the sole purpose of stabilizing our massive oil pipeline project into Iraq. Now that the pipeline is built, instead of rebuilding Afghanistan like we promised, we gave them about an Israel's day worth of aid, and restored a Taliban-lite into power. The Diet Coke of "evil." We're now gearing to re-flatten Iraq to drain their oil fields, provided Saddam doesn't ignite them. Which he will. Our officals are going to send American troops to die for mineral wealth and to maintain the American Empire. We can't keep this up forever. :-(

Ian said:

After the litany of fabricated evidence (probably to cover the more solid, but wholly incriminating evidence), and a complete disregard for the subtle job of diplomacy, the Bush Bomber Boys are unleashed to choruses of 'surgical precision', 'military targets' (including civilian targets like last time?), 'liberation' (but not for those hugely shat-upon Kurds of course), and the whole charade of double-speak. Welcome to the New American Century...


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