Top ten rumours concerning my blogging lapse

  • I'm dead.
    Feels for pulse. Nope!
  • I had scampered off to SXSW to accept an award of some sort to prove once and for all that I'm better than you.
    Hah. I don't need an award for that.
  • I forgot to chmod 777 my web directory.
  • I've been hard at work on MT-Textile 2.0 -- the one that reads your mind and blogs for you.
  • For homeland security reasons, I was relocated to a secure, undisclosed location.
  • I just now finished digesting Apocalpyse 6.
    In actuality, I'm still working on it.
  • I've been busy working on my own blogging software.
  • Inspired by the drama of American Idol, I left to pursue my Hollywood dreams.
  • Paralyzed by fear that adding anything more to my blog would only hurt my DayPop Blogrank score.
  • I've been infected with an some alien life form that has taken control of my mind but I've resisted it's desire for my Movable Type password.
    Preposterous. We are working together in complete cooperation. And I for one welcome our new parasitic overlords.

Seriously though, with the server migration and stuff at work, I've been busy.

Fortunately, the server migration is completely done. Maybe I can avoid that for another couple of years. The benefits? Much faster: you folks out there shouldn't get timeouts from trackbacking to me; MT runs much better, even as a CGI; another 10 GB of space; an extra 450 GB of transfer a month (so feel free to hit refresh all you want); new RedHat with RedHat Network support (I ♥ up2date).

And just so I don't get lots of email about #3... because I'm using suEXEC, my web directory permissions are actually 755.


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Good to see you back. I had thought your webhosting thing hadn't gone through, and you were fighting a vicious legal battle with the providers to get your stuff back.

On a side note, why RedHat? I hear you have to pay for updates :\ not what I call fun.

Debian gives me all that for free :D

Anyway, despite my distro trolling, it's good to see you back on the web!

Brad Author Profile Page said:

Well, the short answer to that is that my web host currently just supports RedHat. But it's also the distribution I'm most familiar with. Actually, the RHN service allows for 1 machine to be updated for free. Granted, the free service only covers errata updates (patches and so forth). But I am considering paying for the full RHN service.

Jesper said:

Thanks for fixing the classic entry template... I thought both of my computers had gone bonkers.

Gavin said:

If you're using RedHat you can use apt-rpm which is full of creamy goodness and saves all the swearing at up2date when it's busy.


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