Neuros Digital Audio Computer

My this looks nice. Neuros Digital Audio Computer. "Yet another MP3 player" I hear you say? Well, yes. But this one has some sweet features:

  • 20 GB capacity
  • built-in FM radio
  • can broadcast to a FM receiver (like the one in your car for example). This is very nice-- one of the problems I've had with portable audio players so far is that I have no means to play it in a car that only has a CD player/radio. At least with a tape deck you can use those adapters that let you feed an external audio stream.
  • can sample audio for matching to a database later (meaning you can find out what that song was you heard)
  • will be adding Vorbis audio support
  • built-in MP3 encoder for recording from: built-in microphone; built-in FM tuner; line input jack
  • 5 preset buttons for the FM radio and your music collection
  • comes with wall and car power adapters
  • 9.4 ounces
  • is $399, which is still $100 less than the iPod (and it's stylish grey and orange colors which are sure to please Zeldman)

And hey-- free shipping until March 10th for orders from My only complaint is that the dimensions are a little bulky: 5.3×3.1×1.3 in. Compare that to the iPod: 2.4×4.0×0.84 in. But with the extra features I think I could live with it.


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Mario Spina said:

Well, only available with USB 1.1 ... so slow. Just try transfering 700 Mb of data with some USB 1.1 connection. Now imagine 10 or 20 Gb !!! It will take forever. Non merci, I'll stay with my Ipod for now.

Brad Author Profile Page said:

That's no big deal -- just let it run overnight! :-) Anyway, once it's there, it's there. But I imagine they will probably have a USB 2 version available eventually.

Jesper said:

A USB 2 'backpack' is pencilled in for release this summer, says the suits.

Funtime Ben said:

I still think I'd have to give it to the ipod on looks. Features the Neuros wins. Design iPod, hands down. Navigation iPod, the Neuros has little buttons that require you to look at the blasted thing. USB2... in the future... Firewire now.


The iPod 20GB for PC, model no. M8741LL/A, costs $424.15 at with free shipping. works also with macs. (Offer ends February 27, 2003)

from Deal Mac

Now who is your daddy?

Johan S said:

...and I just bought myself a Jukebox Zen yesterday. Ah well.

Yeah, I would have preferred an iPod (smaller, better interface, and just so darn sexy), but it's hard to argue with 20Gb for the same price as a 5Gb iPod.

sam said:

I'll believe vorbis support when I see it. Lots of companies have 'promised' the support, and none have been able to deliver. I wouldn't list that as a 'feature' until they produce it. Vorbis support on handhelds has been a whole lot of vaporware so far.

Also, usb 1.1 is no good! The integrated FM broadcaster is a clever feature though! I've got a little broadcaster that i connect to my players, but its just an extra dangly thing that needs batteries, and it would be nice to trade it in.

Give this thing real vorbis support, and firewire/usb 2.0, and then i'd be really into the idea. :)

Robert said:

I think its time for some new posts. This site hasn't been updated in weeks.

I am really considering one of these. Hmmm, Fathers day is coming up. Even with USB1.1, they are offering a free upgrade to 2.0 when it is released.

I agree abt waiting for ogg support. If they cant producr that, there not much standout from the Odyssey, Archos, etc.

sonar said:

I wouldn't worry about vorbis support so much, as xiph is working in joint with neuros to make it happen.


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