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What a day. This site is getting pummeled by visitors from Dave Hyatt's blog (hat tip to Dave for the mention and more importantly for the fix to Safari that was at issue) and also from, DayPop, Blogdex and lots of good folks out there for MT-Textile. It got bad enough I had to disable my backlink script. Those Perl CGI subprocesses really slow a web server down. I must do my server upgrade soon. I want to run on mod_perl for good. But my current server just doesn't run it very well.

MT-Textile 1.1 will be released soon. It clears up a number of issues listed in the comments of the post I made about it. If you're finding problems with it that aren't listed there, be sure to leave a comment or e-mail me directly about it.


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Not so much a plugin issue as a request, but you might consider duplicating the special characters treatment within <pre> tags for <code> and <samp> as well.


This article was published on February 14, 2003 10:57 PM.

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